You Are The One Who Will Help Yourself! Being Introverts Is Good And Useful!

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Psychology is pretty messed up like any other field of science. But, unlike other fields, it would totally twist the perspective of people and affect their daily life. This would be a great impact on the person’s life. There are other professions like lawyers, army people and police who will look at everyone with doubtful look. Everything is at mistake for them. Whereas becoming a student of or a practice psychology is worst thing as well as good.
You will basically come to borderline understanding. You are more tangible to any kind of things like psychological disorders. It can be pretty frustrating since you will turn the mistake around to you at the end of the day. We are human beings and we need to exhibit our own intense feelings from within us to others. But unfortunately or fortunately, when people start studying psychology, they start looking into thinks with a better understanding making it hard for them to exhibit their emotions.
Why do you think it’s good to be introvert and be your own help?
It is very hard to make sure that people are actually trust worthy. For example, just because you are in need of a file immediately and you don’t have a printer at home. You mail the file to your fellow mate. They can send it to your boss and get credit for it or just “forget to get a print out”. It is literally crazy to find people going to crazy ends to make someone else’s life hard just because they are jealous. Small things like getting a Samsung printer would help you in this scenario. But what happens in bigger complicated situations?
It does not mean that all people are bad and they are selfish. They are people who had mastered the art of “faking civilisation”. In an evolutionary perspective, men are selfish beings. They are worst beings. It does not need to be written in bold letters that people are insanely selfish. Like we still find Homo sapiens living on the face of earth. But, there are several other species like panthers, tigers and lions who are in danger of extinction. It is totally unacceptable that human cannot be locked in a cage and used like slaves. But, animals can be? Look here to gain ideas about other brands of printer.
It is funny how people have blue cross who make sure people are not hurting or hunting animals. You will have to understand when human are being selfish, it will end up bad for us. It is we human beings who said, karma is a bitch which will come back to the bad person.