Tips To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

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Looking for a way to make that perfect bouquet you got on Valentine’s Day, anniversary gift or birthday last longer? Here is what you can do.

Always keep them in fresh water

Flowers need fresh water. Once you receive your bouquet place it immediately in a bowl of fresh water and cut off about an inch off the end of the stem at an angle. You have probably seen this being done at your local flowershop. This is done to enable the flowers to absorb water from the stem. If cut out of water an air pocket will build in the stem and prevent it from absorbing water. This should be done anytime the flower has been out of the water for too long. Never cut the stem with scissors as they will crush the stem. Use knife with a smooth blade.

A build-up of bacteria in the water might ruin the flowers. In order to prevent this, the water should be changed at least every other day and the vase should also be washed with soap and water. All foliage below the waterline must be removed as they tend to breed bacteria.

Stagnated water gives an unpleasant odor overtime and it may also breed mosquitos. This will pose a health hazard, so changing water regularly is good for you as well.

Use the flower preservative

Make sure you add this to the water, it can be bought at any flowershop Dubai. If you can’t find it you can make you own preservative by adding one part 7Up to three parts water and 2-3 drops of bleach.

Keep away from heat, wind and fruits

Try to place your flowers in a cool shady area. Placing it near a window or in direct sunlight will make your flowers wilt.

Being constantly exposed to a wind source, such as a fan, will increase the evaporation from the plant as well as the vase. This will dry the flowers really fast.

Fruits emit a gas named ethylene. Riper fruits emit more of it. This gas will kill your flowers, so make sure no fruits are kept anywhere near the flowers.

Look for the nearest florist

It’s always better to buy flowers from a nearby. The further away your florist is the older your flowers will be when they are delivered. It will also be more value for money.

So the next time you get flowers rather than just putting it in water go the extra mile and follow these tips and you’ll probably be surprised at how much longer your flowers will last.