Stepping Away From The Rat Race

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The rat race is defined as a race in which a rat runs on a wheel. In this race, the rat runs for hours and hours on a wheel believing that he is running miles when hours later he finds that he is still in the same place. The human full time work system is much like this. We study hard to get in to college at which we get in to a lot of debt to pay for college after which we spend many years trying to pay of this college debt that we have incurred. After this, we have a family and live on a pay check to pay check salary for the rest of your lives and retire with little to no savings and therefore at the same place in which we started even though we have been working hard our whole lives without the opportunity to truly love and enjoy life.
Dare to leave the system
Leaving this full time work system is often discouraged by society because doing so means we may not have a fixed wage coming in at the end of the month. While admittedly, this is a big risk, it is important for us to take risks once in a while to make sure that we emerge higher than we were before. It is important that you make the decision one day to step away from full time work and start your own business. You will need to start by writing out a business setup plan while you are still working at your full time job and start working on your business in your free time and during your weekends without giving up your full time work at the beginning.
Your business setup in Dubai plan will need to include a budget for how much you will need to set up your business and it is important that you stick to your full time job until you are able to collect that amount of money. You can however work during your free time and get a few clients in order to bring in money to your business.
While you are working on your business in your free time, you are likely to feel less stressed because you have an extra source of money coming in irrespective of how little this amount of money maybe. However, it is important that you do not spend this money and that you keep it in a separate bank account because all of this money will be your investment in to your business when you start it correctly as a full time business.