Save Your Child’s Teeth From Damage Caused By These Diseases

The teething stage in a child can be pretty stressful for the child as well as the parents. A child may face restlessness, loss of appetite and may even develop a slight level of temperature when the first tooth emerges. Soon after the first tooth sprouts up it is best to practice proper oral care by brushing their baby teeth. Teaching your children early care for your pearly whites will facilitate the proper oral hygiene care even when they are grown-ups. Despite having proper oral care, there are certain enemies of the oral hygiene pool that make devastating damages to ones pretty smile. Here are some of the dental diseases that we all need to be aware of and steps that need to be taken to establish proper health care routines from the early ages.

Oral Gingivitis or better known as Gum Disease

This is the occurrence when there is persistent pain in the gums that will swell and eventually bleed. This can also be mistaken for gum bleeds when an individual is new to invisible braces Dubai.The addition of new invisible braces has a tendency for mild inflamed gums till the individual adapts to the foreign object placed internally. This gum disease if left untreated will eventually lead to tooth decay which will need more complex medical intervention. To spot for disease keep an eye for red inflamed gums that bleed during brushing or flossing. Teach our children to brush very gently if spotted with the said symptoms and make sure to place an appointment with the dentist for further treatment. With the correct treatment, gum disease can be eliminated by giving your child healthy pink gums and great prevention in tooth loss.

Get rid of bad Dental plaque

If you have spotted your child’s teeth turning yellow or brown discoloration in teeth or gums he may be experiencing a bad case of dental plaque that needs immediate attention. This disease spreads fast by harboring bacteria and causing the breakdown of the tooth enamel. If you have spotted this condition in your child it is best to act fast by scheduling an appointment with the dentist to remove this hard plaque that’s building up at a rate. Once eliminated your child will be rewarded with a nice bright smile and effective prevention from cavities and tooth decays.

Putting a stop on Cavities a.k.a tooth decay

If your loved one has been complaining about tooth aches and if you’ve experienced sudden tooth loss in your child it’s a definite eye opener. Tooth decays occurs when the enamel of the tooth is destroyed making the tooth more vulnerable for decays and falling off. Always use toothpaste with fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.