Raising A Child To Be Creative

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Creativity is not a skill that can be instilled in someone, or taught from a textbook in a classroom by a teacher. Creativity is also not something that people are inherently born with or without. Everyone has the potential to be creative, some just never act upon it. However, this is a huge loss. Creativity is what can drive a person to achieve excellence and stand out from the pack. It is what allows greatness to be created in fields such as art, literature, and so on. Even in the field of science, to be able to think of new technology and inventions that could potentially change the world requires a huge deal of creativity. Being creative can give you an edge over others. This is why many parents wish to inculcate the principles of creativity in their children from a very young age. This can be tricky, but ultimately it can be very beneficial. So how can you achieve this?
Give them Freedom
As parents, one of the hardest things to do is to give your child freedom instead of stepping in. However, when it comes to raising a creative child, independence is imperative. Giving them creative agency, which means the power to make their own decisions, is vital.
Of course, creative agency Dubai does not simply mean allowing them to run wild. It means setting a few boundaries and allowing children to work with them, and maybe even around them. It means allowing your child to paint in colours and styles that may not make sense to an adult. It means allowing children to write outlandish stories that seem nonsensical. This kind of freedom encourages independent thought and thus instils creativity.
Make it Fun
Children do not enjoy being forced to participate in certain activities. As tempting as it may be to force your child to attend ballet lessons or art classes, if they do not enjoy the field, it is pointless forcing them to learn it. Creativity needs to be enjoyable, and children need to have fun while being artistic. Allow your child to practice and master a skill in a way that is enjoyable to them. Children respond better to activities that they enjoy, and therefore are more likely to invest time and energy into an activity they find enjoyable.
Provide Encouragement
Children thrive on encouragement and praise. If your child does something creative, be sure to reward them for it. Of course, if you child’s creativity translates into colouring the walls, stop them from doing so but also encourage them to transfer that skill onto a piece of paper.