Dealing With A Bug In Your Computer

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Viruses are one of the most common problems that computer users have to deal with. For people that are well versed in all things computers, this can be a simple problem that they shrug off and solve within an hour however for those that do not know anything about computers, having a virus attack can be cause for much panic. It is important for you to remain calm in the face of a virus attack because panicking can cause you to make the situation much worse. If you do not know anything about computers, it is important for you to call a professional computer repair person to come in and help you immediately. However, you will find that most computer repair people are very busy and will not be able to reach for at least a few hours and this is the best case scenario.

Immediate action that you will need to take

Your computer technician will have to come in, format your computer and install anti-virus protection software. While you should be able to have one of your friends or relatives do this for you in case you do not have a technician on hand, it is always best to call in a professional whenever possible.

The tricky part about this is that most viruses are made so that general anti-virus software cannot kill them and the technician will have to come in and identify the exact type of virus attacking your computer and search the internet for a specific anti-virus protection software that has been designed to kill this particular bug, know more about it.

While you are waiting for your technician to arrive the first thing you will need to do is isolate your computer completely from the internet. Like with a virus that attacks a human or an animal, you could be unknowingly infecting others and you could be inviting more viruses during the times that you are connected to the internet. Immediately disconnect your computer from the internet and attempt to copy any important files that you have on the computer on to a backup drive or a pen drive because the virus could be slowly attacking all of your files and they problem will only continue to get worse until it has been destroyed. In the meantime, it would be useful for you to run your already existing anti-virus software to kill of whatever you can kill off while you are working although this is not likely to kill of all the viruses present in your computer.